All of my important config files
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Schneiders Dotfiles

In this repo you will find my config files of my command line setup and some info about my overall way of computing.

Shell: zsh

After a long time using the well known bash I switched to zsh. I don't exactly remember the reasons for switching, probably I just wanted to give it a try, but found it to be a good alternative. You can't say zsh, without naming oh-my-zsh, an incredibly good, 'community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration'. Just simply install it and you have a great abundance of themes, plugins and other goodies right at your hands, which will make your everyday life at the command line a lot easier.


Tmux is a terminal multiplexer, which means, that you can have several virtual terminals in one 'real' terminal instance. You can also have multiple sessions and switch between them. Splitting up your window in different terminals is also possible, of course.

You can also have some cool info displayed in the lower status line, like current time, hostname and even the currently played song in clementine.


Navigation on the command line on steroids. Access your frequently used files and directories with just small shortcuts. Have a look at the project readme to learn more.

Switching between the tabs is as easy as pressing <Ctrl>a <Ctrl>h|l, depending in which direction you want to go.


Executing ./ will install the configuration. It will download oh-my-zsh, set zsh as default shell and links all important configuration files.